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        Equity & Anti-Oppression Statement background illustration
        Seeking Justice in our Institutions conference banner
        Restoring Indigenous Rights
        Continuing Welcome
        Equity & Anti-Oppression Statement
        Equity & Anti-Oppression Statement
        Seeking Justice in our Institutions

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        Larissa Crawford
        Bernadette Arthur
        Dr. Evelyn Enlada Grez
        Dr. Ingrid Waldron
        Sarom Rho
        Erin Dej
        Victoria Levack
        Moni Dudárov Hunken
        Naaman Wood
        Héctor Acero Ferrer
        Billy J. Choi-Gekas

        Interfaith ll to action: Ending human rights violations in immigration detentions in nada
        Interfaith ll to action: Ending human rights violations in immigration detentions in nada
        Interfaith ll to action: Ending human rights violations in immigration detentions in nada
        Mandate Letters Show the Power and Need for Public Pressure
        Poverty Trends 2021 report cover
        Cover page of Poverty Trends 2021
        Poverty Trends 2021: decoration tree

        Poverty Trends 2021

        The Change We Need

        Continuing Welcome

        A Progress Report on A Half Welcome

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        Group success business concept as two groups of diverse people making a connection with 3D illustration trees that link together as a metaphor for global cooperation or environment teamwork.

        Consolidating Commitments, Honouring Rights: Pre-Budget Consultations 2022

        October 2022 CPJ has continually argued for federal budgets that take a holistic, all-of-government approach to addressing the crises we face. We acknowledge that recent Federal Budgets have explicitly recognized the need for climate justice, Indigenous Reconciliation, poverty eradition, and refugee and migrant rights. While important progress has been made,…

        Gas tap with pipeline system at natural gas station

        Natural gas prices rising in Ottawa as anti-poverty advote warns of impact on lower income users

        “This would not be the crisis that it will be for folks if we had adequate social assistance rates and support for people with disabilities, if we had enough affordable housing for people, if we had pharmare in place,” Appleyard said. “We n’t blame this affordability crisis on climate change…

        Ottawa along the Riverside Parkway

        Is public money spent for public good?

        “Yes, the budget needed to be rewritten. It’s time to take federal-sized responsibilities seriously.” wrote Natalie Appleyard, CPJ’s Socio-Economic Policy Analyst, and Maryo Wahba, Communitions Coordinator at CPJ. “Christians in nada would do well to reflect on what criteria we are using to evaluate government spending decisions. Otherwise, it n…

        nadian flag with a wind turbine farm in the background

        Just Transition Consultation

        Our Earth is suffering. Natural systems are shifting, plant species are vulnerable, too many animals are at risk of extinction, and humans (especially in Northern communities and the Global South) are losing their lives and livelihoods to environmental degradation and disasters. Entire ecosystems, communities, and nations are struggling to survive….


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